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Happy Tail Poppy

Hi HHS Team,
we took home dog girl Pudhoe (now Poppy) from you a few days ago. 

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know she is doing really well and has settled in well. All three of us are really happy to have found each other and couldn't be happier. 

She has been sleeping in bed with us from day one, has been eating okay and pooping okay. She seems happy and relaxed and healthy. Initially her poops were like peanut butter but now they are proper turds. She gets a bit nervous on car rides, but on the freeway it's okay. She loves going for walks and playing fetch and has been really good about meeting new human and dog friends. She is really eager to please and smart and is listening well to a lot of commands, like walk slow, fetch, wait, sit, come here. I'm attaching a few pictures. 

Thanks for introducing us to her.

Best wishes,