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Happy Tail Robin

I came to the HHS and met you in early October and submitted paperwork to potentially foster a CC from the Grimes County seizure.  Instead I walked around and couldn’t forget Francine’s little tongue hanging out of that adorable face.  So I came back the next week and adopted her.

We renamed her Robin.  She was skiddish initially.  She slowly made progress and is completely different now.  She rolls on the floor and plays with my other fur babies.  She loves her doggy bed.  She runs so fast that I can’t catch her.  She has been my shadow and looks at me with grateful eyes.  She is happy to see me when I get home from work and greets me with her growl like barks.  She loves the soft treats I found.  She loves being held and is happy to sit in my lap all day if I let her.  She lets me groom her including cleaning her ears, using a dog dremmel tool on her nails.  She has been a delightful addition to our family.  Thank you to you and the others at HHS who can make this happen.