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Happy Tail Rory

I was at the HHS in 2003 looking to adopt a dog and decided to swing through the cat section as a lark.  However, as I walked through, a little orange tabby kitten put his little paws on the window as I walked by and started meowing.  I picked him and up and fell in love with “Jeff.”  I re-named him Rory, which is Irish for Red King.  Rory was my study buddy in law school and moved with me to Washington, DC two years later.  Through the years, he has chewed through countless phone cords,  climbed various apartment walls and demanded a zillion cat treats.  Now, he loves lounging, talking with his human roommates and snuggling with his adopted cat sister, Zara.  Rory has battled diabetes and kidney failure, but at almost fourteen years old, he is in great health and still as sprightly and vocal as a kitten.   He really is the best cat, and I can’t imagine life without him.