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Happy Tail Roux

Hi! I wanted to reach out and give y'all an update on sweet Roux. We adopted Roux in late July from the shelter after seeing him on the Houston Humane Society instagram page, specifically that he was the KPRC pet feature of the week. We already had a silver lab named Jax (3) and had a special place in our hearts for silver labs. We had been wanting to add to our family for a bit but were waiting for the right time. Suddenly, one night as I'm scrolling insta I saw Roux and instantly fell in love (and cried lol). Anyhow, once we got Roux home we fell even more in love. Roux and Jax quickly became the closest of brothers and share a special bond. Roux's favorite things at home are booty rubs, bananas, long walks where he can stop and smell all the smells, swimming at the dog park and going on car rides. Roux is the sweetest boy and has brought infinite joy to our lives. He turned 10 in September but is still very much a puppy at heart. He is happy and healthy and we are forever grateful for the work that HHS does and is doing for dogs like Roux. He is our biggest blessing.
Attaching some pictures of Roux and his brother Jax too!
Thank you!

Luke, Taylor, Jax and Roux