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Happy Tail Sabra

htsabra1We adopted our sweet Sabra about two months ago. I had been looking for a long time for just the right companion for our three year old pug Kingsley and a dog who we felt fit our family. I had seen Sabra about six months before on one of my trips to the humane society but didn't really give her much thought, especially because she was an older dog. (Sabra is 8 years old) I continued my search at many shelters and adoption events, including to the humane society. The one thing that did not change was each time I went back, there was Sabra. It broke my heart when I looked at her information page. Sabra had been there for 8 months. It devastated me, but I was sure there had to be something wrong with her. But I decided to ask about her that day. Diane was the volunteer who assisted me that day to see Sabra, according to Diane Sabra was the sweetest dog, calm, laid back, and just a true sweet heart. When I asked why Sabra had been there so long Diane said, most people come in wanting young dogs, or puppies, they don't want the older dogs. It broke my heart, I understood to a degree because I was one of those people. Well, I knew I needed to see this "old gal", so we did a meet and greet with our pug. Sabra stole our hearts from that first day. During the meet and greet, Sabra was cool as a cucumber. She was very sweet and Kingsley and she did very well together. My daughter said, she's the one mom. I completely agreed. There was no way we could not take this sweet baby home. We filled out the adoption paperwork and then had to wait. It felt like an eternity. But the day we picked her up and we saw her, she was so happy. I think she knew we were hers and she was ours. She was free from that prison she had been in for 8 months. My favorite picture we have of Sabra is the one the day we took her home. She put her head out the window and you could see her just relish the day, her freedom, her new life! It is precious. From the day we took her home she has acted like she has always belonged with us. She chose to sleep with our daughter from the first night. Which was exactly what my daughter wanted. She watches over us, loves on us. That tail of hers never stops wagging. She smiles constantly, and the one difference we see is the amount of energy she has. She loves to run and play, loves the park. Is full of energy. I do believe she was depressed while being at the humane society. She completely came out of that from the day she came home. Would I adopt an older dog again? Absolutely!!! They have as much to offer if not more than a younger dog. Please do not walk by the kennel of an older dog without truly giving them a chance. You may be missing out on that perfect family member. I missed out on several months with Sabra because I didn't give her a second thought the first few times I saw her. I could kick myself for adding to her sadness. Older dogs are amazing. They deserve love as much as the next dog. 
I am forever grateful for our new girl. She completes our family in every way. And thank you Diane for giving Sabra the love you did and the care you gave her. She is in good hands, and so very very loved and even more spoiled!  Thank you to you all at the Houston humane society for your dedication to these fur babies, but mostly for our baby!  

The C Family