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Happy Tail Sam

Hello we adopted our beautiful Sam in 2015 from yall she was about 5 years old. She took great care of our 3 kids and was a gentle giant who loved everyone even accepted our adopted son we finalized this year.  She loved catching treats in the air her fav trick to show off.💖 She loved sleeping under the sun while I drank my coffee in the am, and her favorite thing in the world were head scratches and cuddles 🥰 Sam has finally passed at the age of 10 on 7/7/20. We woke up to her passed in her sleep while my husband woke up for work. I wanted to share our story with happy tails to encourage people to adopt seniors! We didn't get to see Sam during the cute puppies stage but we didn't miss the potty training and teething🤣🤣 Sam learned tricks and loved us like no other. Thank you HHS for blessing us with 5 years with Sam💖