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Happy Tail Skye

htskye2(1)My family and I recently made the decision to adopt our second dog from the Houston humane society. Our first dog sage(left) was adopted about a year ago and we’d been wanting to get Sage a new sister/ best friend. We wandered around the humane society and fell in love with a dog named Marsha(right), the next day we came back to introduce sage and marsha and they got along wonderfully, so we adopted marsha and changed her name to Skye. Skye and sage enjoy taking naps together, ripping up squeaky toys and running around the back yard, along with chasing squirrels and eating treats. We are so happy that we decided to add Skye to our family and we definitely think she agrees. you can see more about Sage and Skye on instagram as they have their very own account @sage.and.skye.