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Happy Tail Stanley

Today is Giving Tuesday, and exactly 2 years ago, we fostered Stanley the senior boy.



He weighed a malnourished 32 lbs and was anemic. His skin smelled of fungus and was flea infested causing him to chew himself almost bald.



However, Sweet Stanley's personality still shone through and we ended up adopting him!



Today he has an amazing full plush coat of beautiful fur. He weighs 52 lbs. He follows me to every room I go into. If it's a shower, he is waiting in the bathroom, in the office he lays next to me while I work, and when I settle in to watch TV, he lays next to me.



At night he joins all of us in my room to sleep.



Stanley is a great companion and I am so happy I adopted him. He has so much LOVE to give!