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Happy Tail Stella and Sol

Meet Stella and Sol (formerly Lucky and Luka)! Stella was adopted at the end of April 2019 when he was around 10 weeks old. He was the only kitten left from his litter when we adopted him. He immediately stole our hearts, and we thought our happy family was complete. On Labor Day weekend, however, Stella's mom was browsing the Houston Humane website and realized that his litter-mate had been returned to the shelter! He looked nearly identical to our Stella! We knew that we needed to reunite the brothers. We brought Sol home on September 3rd. Within 48 hours of being reunified, our kittens were inseparable. They love snuggling and playing together all day! They bring so much joy to our lives, and we will be forever grateful to Houston Humane for the gift of our sweet kittens! You can follow the adventures of Stella and Sol on their instagram account: stelly.solly
*Yes, Stella is a boy cat with what is typically a girl's name. He's named after his mom's favorite beer, and the name fits him perfectly!


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