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Happy Tail Sunshine

I adopted Stellar (now Sunshine) during the Clear the Shelters Event. She came in with a group of 8 dogs from another shelter at 8 years old, covered in urine and feces, with multiple mammory tumors. This poor girl looked like she had been kept in a very small space and hadn't seen the light of day her whole life. I attached a photo of what she looked like before I took her home (the one with the green background). After bringing her home, I immediately gave her a bath. She opened up to me almost immediately; she loves attention, playing with her fur sister, Snowball, and follows me everywhere! She had her mammory tumors removed, got a dental, was shaved down (due to her fur being extremely matted), and got spayed at the HHS clinic, and her tumors were all benign, so she doesn't have cancer! I feel like Sunshine was definitely meant to join my pack of seniors, and I am so glad I adopted her. She now accompanies me to work everyday with Snowball and Porter. Thank you HHS for giving me the sweetest gift!