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Happy Tail Tater

Hi, I’m Potato, but you can call me Tater. 
I came from a hoarding home of 52+ dogs where it was very dirty and unsafe for me and my puppy pack. 
Luckily, I was rescued and eventually taken to the Houston Humane Society! 
I was probably the most anxious and timid lil buddy there. My mom came to meet me and immediately knew I was a loving baby tater underneath all that fear. She adopted me in February 2022!!!
I was still very scared when my mom took me home, so it took me some time to trust her. LOL I waited a week to even look in her direction because if I didn’t look at her, she couldn’t see me, right?
Now, I’m the happiest potato you’ve ever seen in your life!!! 
I love walks, treats, my squeaky toys, chasing squirrels and meeting new dog friends! My FAVORITE is car rides!!! I’m also the goodest boy, so I never bark unless I feel like I have to, I never potty inside, I’m so smart and my mom says I’m a good listener!
I still don’t like loud noises and I take a long time to get used to people who aren’t my mom. I’m doing a lot better and still practicing being social with hoomans! 
Thank you Houston Humane Society for taking care of me until I got to my forever home! <3