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Happy Tail Zoey

Hi y'all,

This my big sister and I playing.  We play a lot!  We started playing the very first day I found my new family.  I was so tired the next day but I had to go and visit my new doctor to get registered.  I also got clipped and a nice rub bath at the beauty shop - and got a little bow in my hair.  Pretty snazzy!


I'm in such a good place now.  My big sister was so unhappy when she came here.  Very mistreated and has lots of scars on her fur and her mind from bad people.  But she is getting lots of rubs and love just as I am.


By for now and thanks for finding me a family who loves us.  Only bad thing is my Dog Daddy wants another Lab also.  My Dog Mommy isn't too keen on that.  But I bet he wins


Love to all and thanks for all the concern you have for my fun buddies,