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Jax & Lucy

Meet this week's KPRC2 / Click2Houston Pet Project pups Jax & Lucy! 


An unlikely pair that have found comfort in one another during their time at the shelter. They arrived here through a transfer from another shelter, and have always been roommates ever since before their time at HHS.  

The best way to describe their relationship is Jax is the muscle and Lucy is the brain. 

Jax, the gentle giant is calm and very eager to please!

Whereas his best friend Lucy is the more active and a do-what-I- want kind of girl.

Jax and Lucy both know sit and paw. These two are in sync, mirroring each other's body language, letting us know they want to be FRIENDS FOREVER. Each of their adoption fee is $25 thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation and Cathy Bissell  #Emptytheshelters event that Ends May 15! 

Thank you KPRC for your continued partnership and for giving Houston Humane Society Adoptables a voice every week!