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LADYBUG AND BENJI 41755666 + 41755633 (BONDED)
· Energy level: Low
· Like dogs: Yes! We love each other
· Like cats: Unknown
· Like kids: Yes!
· Potty-trained: Yep. Solidly. We do our business straight away.
· Leash manners: Excellent, although sometimes we like to play and you may trip over us. But that's normal with any pair!

Other dogs: They like to run around jumping frantically.
Us: What's jumping? Can I just sit beside you? How about I just sit here and you pet me?

Other dogs: They like to play.
Us: Benji LOVES toys; Lady bug prefers to hang out and snuggle.

Other dogs: They bark.
Me: We might cry a little when we really want you but, otherwise, we prefer to be quiet.

Other dogs: Like to play with other dogs.
Us: I like other dogs. I do. But I have no intention of playing. Unless it is Benji. Benji and I are bonded, meaning we came in together and we ride or die together. We're partners in crime, and we need to be adopted together. And, in case you're worried about adopting two dogs, think of this: We're so low-maintenance, you won't even know there are two of us there. Having two of us is just like having one dog! And we play together, so we can entertain ourselves just by having two dogs.