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Gas stations are a place that see a lot of people come & go in a hurry. Many people find it an inconvenience to have to stop & fill up your tank before a trip, on the way home from work, or as a weekly routine errand. But for Lawrence, he could only hope that one passer-by would stop to take in their surroundings and notice he needed help. Fast.

Tied to a light pole at the gas station for who knows how long in early Houston September, the heat beat on his furless back and his dry tongue was parched. Not to mention he was sore & itchy all over.

Finally, after he had sat there for who knows how long and become all too familiar with the searing sun, a good Samaritan untied his rope from the pole, and brought him to safety at the Houston Humane Society.

Lawrence is now working on growing back his beautiful fur, getting healthy and strong, and learning to accept two-legged friend's and alll the love they have to give.

Check out how HANDSOME this boy is on his healing journey!!!