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2-years-old. If you have a young child, and you are looking for a patient, kind, warm, friendly dog, then consider me your girl!
I'm pretty. That's for sure. All the male dogs have noticed my overwhelming beauty and soft, silky, golden fur. But, interestingly, I am also very smart and full of personality to boot! Sometimes, a person (or animal) just has it all! That's me!
I am very good on the leash. From what my caretakers have seen, I do my business outside.
I am such a sweet girl. I love kids. I like to press my body up to the glass and allow them (and me) to feel like they are petting me. I sometimes lick the window to show kids my affection.
Now, you may notice a little comment on my kennel card that says I need to be the only dog. Let me explain that one. I do like other dogs. If you're on the leash with me, and we come upon another dog, you might expect that I will be just fine. I will ignore them, maybe try to meet them, but I won't bark or show aggression. Where I will show aggression to other dogs, though, is back at your home. If you have another dog at the house, and that dog happens to be very dominant/alpha, I struggle. Some dogs struggle with other dogs back at the house and do just fine with stranger-dogs out in public. Such is me!
You might also notice my kennel cot has holes in it. It wasn't me! Well, at least the person ghost writing this bio for me doesn't think it was me. She's "spied" on me a few times to see if I like to destroy things. She even gave me some toys that most dogs like to destroy. I had no interest. So, unless I have some weird fascination with destroying cots that Ghost Writer hasn't seen even when she tried to see me, it's probably the case that it wasn't me who tore it up.