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When I hear the name Maximillian, I visualize this strapping Spanish emperor who was no stranger to the ladies. (Actually, I'm pretty sure Maximillian is an English name, but let's ignore that for a second.) You know, the type of guy that is so irritatingly perfect that you wanted to find something wrong with him-anything wrong with him-just to make him less perfect & inevitably put all of the rest of us mere mortals on his playing field.

This Maximillian (called "Max" by the ladies around here) seems to live up to his name! I mean look at him. And, to top off his beauty, he's good to the core. A sweet boy.

He likes dogs. Refuses to bark at them-even when they're in his face. He finds cats and ducks just plain weird. He doesn't get mean on them or anything... he just crooks his head to the side and stares at them. I don't know if he would chase a cat if it would run. I've just seen him stare at them in confusion.

He loves kisses, hugs, and cuddling. He loves it when you sweet talk to him (gets his tail wagging!). Can't catch a ball worth anything -even if you put the ball in his mouth. He just stares at you as if to say, "What do you want me to do with this?!"

He's going to do some family well... ADOPT MAX!