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Memorial Day Tips

Memorial Day Weekend Pet Safety Tips
Keep your pet safe as you celebrate with family and friends

HOUSTON (May 27, 2016) The Houston Humane Society wants everyone to take the following steps to be sure pets have a happy, healthy, and humane Memorial Day Weekend.  

  • Picnics and bar-b-ques! Popular ways to celebrate Memorial Day.  Keep in mind animals can suffer from heat stroke just like a human.  Make sure you give pets plenty of breaks from the heat!  Even temperatures in the 80’s can result in heat stroke.  If you plan to be outside all day, you may opt to leave Fido at home.
  • H2O!  If you are taking your pet with you on your outings, be sure they have access to fresh water at all times.
  • Skip the scraps! While it may seem like a great idea to reward Rover with scraps from the grill, many festive foods and products can be hazardous to pets. Keep your pet on their normal diet. Any change, even for one meal, can lead to severe indigestion and upset stomach. Examples of everyday hazards include avocados, grapes, raw/undercooked meat, and onions.
  • Pit falls of the bar-b-que pit! Never leave your dog unattended with a bar-b-que pit while it is in use. That delicious food might be too much for your pet to resist. An overturned pit could cause serious damage to your dog in the blink of an eye, not to mention a potential fire hazard.  The smoke from a bar-b-que pit can also be hazardous to your pet.
  • Keep away!  There are a few party staples you need to keep out of your dog’s reach: alcohol – alcoholic drinks have the potential to poison pets; matches and lighter fluid – if ingested, both can cause harm and lighter fluid can cause skin irritation as well; citronella – candles, insect coils and oil products can cause stomach irritation and possibly damage a pets central nervous system.
  • Mosquito manio!  Mosquitoes are a way of life in Houston, but repellant products made for humans often contain DEET – an ingredient that can induce vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and drooling in our pets.  Look for a pet specific mosquito repellant to use on your dog this holiday.
  • Safe and secure!  Keep gates, fences, and doors closed!  Memorial Day is a high traffic holiday with many people coming and going from cookouts, pool parties, and picnics.  Save yourself the heartache of a lost pet by keeping entryways secured.  And be sure all pets have collars and ID tags on!