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I just wanted to let you all know how great Nala is doing here at her new home!  She eating a LOT.  Eats about 4 or 5 times a day, smaller batches of course, according to vet.  And she’s gained 2 pounds in a little over a week.  Still super picky eater though. 
She walks a lot!  And doesn’t want to stop!  We even renamed her.  Her new name is Kanna, which means explorer in Icelandic and just totally fits her.  Always ready to go a different route on the walks. Here are some pics of our happy girl!  
And also her new brother Wolfie that we adopted the same day is doing great!  Kanna/Nala seems to be obsessed with the picnic table in our the back yard.  We found this out when we let her out at night for a few minutes opened the door and saw this…
She also runs and plays a lot and jumps on the picnic table like it’s there as an agility prop.  
Thank you all for the hard work you do in taking care of awesome dogs like these guys, so they can enjoy a new chapter in their lives!