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National Pet Preparedness Month

June is officially National Pet Preparedness Month. To help families prepare their pet for an active disaster, Houston Humane Society is offering discounted microchip and vaccine packages throughout the month of June. This package is available by appointment only and costs $75 per dog and $55 per cat.
Houston Humane Society wants to remind all pet owners what they need to be prepared with ahead of this hurricane season.
Steps to prepare:
  • Bring Them Inside – Make room for your pets indoors. Set aside some blankets or towels for your pet to lay on. Crate pets or secure them in a room where they feel safe during the storm.
  • Provide Safe & Dry Area – If unable to bring them inside, have the pet in a safe covered area on higher ground. Ensure all coverings are prepared to sustain high winds.  
  • Stock Up on Water, Food, and Medication – Ensure your pet has 2-week supply of food, water and necessary supplies.
  • Register Your Pet’s Microchip – Keep information updated. This will help you be re-united with your pet if he/she becomes lost and is turned in to a shelter or vet clinic.
  • Make a Plan and Have your Disaster Kit Ready – You want to be prepared if the storm impacts your area. Be sure to have all items stored in a waterproof container.
Be prepared. Keep Them Safe. Never leave your pets.

Make sure you and your pets are prepared this season with a Pet Disaster Kit. Check out the checklist here: 



Click here, English version, Spanish version, for an easy to print or download version of this information to post on your fridge and share with friends and family!