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PetSuites Pup-dates: Sweetie’s Journey

PetSuites helps our hardest to adopt pets get ready for their FURever home!

While driving to an appointment, a good Samaritan noticed a pup on the road that appeared to have some kind of injury. Stopping to help, she saw a deep gash around the pup's neck and ear. It was clear this dog was in desperate need of medical attention.⠀❤️‍🩹
This kind woman brought her to the HHS Animal Wellness Clinic where it was found a hairband had been looped so tightly around the pup's neck it had grown into the skin, leaving a gash several inches deep. From the time the little one was picked up through her exam, treatments, and surgery, she earned the name Sweetie.💕🐶
It's been a long road for Sweetie as we've seen her come into the shelter injured and terrified. Although her physical scars healed, the staff at PetSuites Missouri City has been focusing on her emotional scars💔 In the month that Sweetie was at Pet Suites, She was working hard on trusting humans and became the interim Lobby Greeter at PetSuites!
Being able to participate in their daycare has proven that Sweetie is still a young pup who loves to play with all doggos! Her puppy enthusiasm is never more evident than when she is outside running around and enjoying the pool. Thank you PetSuites Missouri City for giving Sweetie a chance, because of you Sweetie is now ADOPTED and her FUR-ever home in her “Happily Ever After”🐾
Thank you Petsuites for your continued partnership with the Houston Humane Society. Thank you for helping some of our hardest adoptables get the training they need in order to be adopted and have their FUR-ever home!
For all your training and boarding needs visit PetSuites- Missouri City,
Visit the site here or call- 832-757-1756