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Protect Your Pets During the Arctic Front

Protect Your Pets During the Arctic Front
The dangerously low temperatures heading our way can prove deadly for outdoor pets. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe during the Arctic Front.
Bring Them Inside – Make room for your pets indoors. Set aside some blankets or towels for your pet to lay on. The garage or laundry room can be made into a nice cozy spot for your animals.
Utilize Baby Gates or Crates – Worried about your pet getting into stuff? Utilize a baby gate or pet crates to help identify the pet’s area.
Keep Them Busy – Toys are a great way to keep your pet entertained while indoors. A kong with peanut butter will keep your pet playing for hours. Any toy with catnip can be entertaining for a cat.
Designate a Bathroom Spot or Time to go Outdoors – A space indoors can be designated to use the potty using potty pads. Or ensure you are taking your pet outdoors in the morning and before nightfall to use the potty.
Protect Stray Cats
  •        If you are able to, leave blankets and towels for those strays in your neighborhood. They will greatly appreciate it.
  •        Knock on your hood, this will wake up and warn any cats who are sleeping in the warm engine block.