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Puppy With Crucial Ripping

WARNING: Graphic Content* This poor pup arrived to the shelter after being found on the street by a good samaritan. The woman who found her, saw that the poor pup was suffering from some kind of injury and once she got closer she noticed a gash around her neck and cutting into her ear.
She quickly knew this dog was in desperate need of medical attention so brought her into the Houston Humane Society animal wellness clinic for treatment.
The Veterinarians examined and found it was a hairband that had been looped around the poor pup's neck. The band was so tight it ripped into the skin, leaving a gash several inches deep.
The pup will need several weeks of treatment and surgery to repair the tissue. She remains stable and in good hands. It is a long road, but she is on her way to finding a loving home.
If you see an injured animal please contact your local shelter. We are here to help and want to ensure every animal is safe.