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Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment and let my Humane Society Friends and Family know that I am doing wonderful.
My parents changed my name to Rebel- they say it fits me better!
I am always happy to go to the dog park and play with my friends, my mom registered me as her very own ESA- because she likes to take me everywhere, she says I deserve it!
I love spending time laying with my dad cuddled in his arms because when he leaves even if it’s only to go to the potty I get a little upset; but I am quickly distracted by the TV, which I am always watching!
I enjoy riding in the car, and going shopping at the pet store- chasing mom around the house is also fun!
My sister likes when I climb in her bed or onto the couch when she’s had a long day, she rubs my belly and I smile!
Thank you all for helping me be such a perfect soul for my forever family!
We all thank you so much!