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Shinso is a 3 month old, grey, domestic shorthair kitten who loves to play. His favorite pastime includes playing with toys, hunting hands, feet, and any papers or wrappers he can find. He's a little ball of energy and will zip around the room if you let him. He also loves belly and chest scratches will lay still for a while if you cradle him like a baby, and likes to follow his humans around the house.

Currently, he has "Eyelid Agenesis" which is a fancy way of saying he was not born with fully formed upper eyelids. This causes the fur on his upper lids to rub against his eyes every time he blinks and creates ulcers. Due to this, his vision is a little impaired and it may cause him to run into things or fall from elevated places if he isn't careful. Every day he receives eye ointment in both eyes in the morning and evening.