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Take Action to help us pass the Pupp Act!

Give people experiencing homelessness and their animals a safe place to lay their heads at night together. Call your Congress member and tell them to support the #PUPPAct and fund pet-friendly homeless shelters and housing, keeping animals with the families that love them.
Neither the size of your paycheck nor the place that you live determines your ability to love and care for an animal. Above all else, companion animals need devotion. The #PUPPAct will fund pet-friendly homeless shelters and housing to keep people and animals together when they need each other the most. Ask your Representative to support #HR3957.
In the face of the “no pets allowed” rule in homeless services, people will often forgo shelter, housing, medical care, and other social services. We need to transform the culture in homeless services to be #petinclusive. Support the Providing for Unhoused People with Pets (PUPP) Act. Call your Representative and urge them to sign on to #HR3957 #PUPPAct.