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Hi I'm Tea! Let me tell you how I got here & where I'm going!


My story starts off on the pavement, where a really nice lady found me. She gave me some food & some water and put me in a box to bring me to the Houston Humane Society. It was scary at first, people were new to me. But after a couple of days, I was picked up by a really nice lady and her daughter!

They brought me to their house so that I could grow big & strong. I was only tiny back then! When I got there another kitten was already living there! They let me out of the kennel they brought me home in, and when I trotted over to meet my fellow feline, I realized! It was my sister!!! I had been looking for her everywhere on the streets for a while, and was very sad when I couldn't find her.


She showed me the ropes of being a house cat! We played, snuggled, purred, and napped on the couch every time we could. The humans that lived in the house helped me grow big & strong enough to go back to shelter and live with a kitty crew so that I could find my FOREVER home, just like my sister!


They told me that a forever home wouldn't care that I am FIV+ because they would know that it's no big deal & that because I am friends with other kitties they wouldn't have to worry if there was another kitty in the house. I actually prefer it! They also told me my forever home would be warm, loving, and be FULL OF TREATS!

Can you help me find my forever?

For more information on FIV+ cats visit here: https://www.houstonhumane.org/adopt-a-pet/adopt-an-fiv-cat