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Meet this week's Pet Spotlight, Tux! 
Tux 3 Years old. Tux is a handsome boy. He looks great and has a tie and is always formal ready. He’s not too much into being picked up but if you go slow he’ll be your new best friend. His energy is calm and he is very gentle to children - he even had a best friend during Camp! His favorite thing to do is to be petted and snuggling on your lap. He’s a kind kitty who loves to spend time with humans of all sizes. 
Visit him today at Houston Humane Society- 14700 Almeda Rd. M-F 11 AM -5:30 PM
Learn more about how to adopt Tux here:https://bit.ly/3smPV5a
Help Tux and friends stay fed in 2022- Help fill a belly of an animal in need; https://bit.ly/3e7UfN5