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UPDATE: Eight Dogs and Pigs

The 8 dogs and pig seized from the deadly temperatures during last week's winter freeze remain under medical review and are adjusting well to volunteer and staff.
The youngest victim, a puppy, was found barely alive, covered in ice, and suffering from the pain of a broken jaw, clearly from the result of abuse.
The puppy, now named Arctic needed immediate specialized surgery, without it, her chances of survival were slim.
We are happy to share that our strong girl Arctic survived surgery and will now begin her long road to recovery with her head held high. She has refused the feeding tube that Veterinarians thought she would need, and instead prefers her food wet and in a bowl!
Like many Texans, Arctic is resilient and a true inspiration of how Texans progress toward recovery - proud and tough. Arctic is a sweet girl who despite the stitches, loves to give wet kisses and will attempt to hug you when held. She is sure to have that tail wagging, begging for attention when you come near.
Veterinarians have diagnosed Arctic to suffer from brain damage and Arctic will need an MRI procedure performed once she recovers from her bone surgery.  
The rest of the pups and pig (now named after the Frozen cast) remain under medical review and are adjusting well to volunteers and staff. All enjoy treats and playtime. The pig specifically enjoys fresh strawberries.