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UPDATE: German Shepherds in Need

The once emaciated family of German Shepherds are showing signs of improvement with their fur slowly but surely growing back. However, they still have a long way to a full recovery from their skin infection. All the dogs are very timid and shy- the female and 1 male are a little social compared to the other 2 males. We are currently seeking a local foster home so they can learn to be more sociable and trusting toward humans again.
We need your help so they can continue to heal both from their internal and external wounds and appreciate any monetary donation or wishlist! - https://cuddly.com/donate/4822982/4-neglected-german-shepherds
Most needed wishlist items: (Everything is very needed but if you need some help deciding what to get, we got you! :))
- Anything skin-related!
- Shampoo for their stinky little bodies.
- Treats to help with training and socializing!
Thank you for the generosity and love!!!