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Houston Humane Society Cruelty Case Files 3-15-2016
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cruelty Case Files 3-15-2016

Today, our Animal Cruelty Investigation Team rescued 2 pups from an abandoned apartment. It's estimated the 2 were left alone in the apartment for at least a week.
As you can see in the photos, the place was covered in feces. Both dogs are underweight, but are happy to be in a safe place. They are being evaluated and treated at the HHS Animal Wellness Center. Our veterinarians and vet techs are taking great care of the pair.
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We've named them Scooby Doo & Velma.

ccf3-15-2016-10Scooby is a 1 year-old male shepherd/hound mix. He weighed in at 50 pounds today, but should probably be closer to 80 pounds!!! We're treating him for intestinal parasites (among other things) and putting him on a special diet to help him gain weight.
ccf3-15-2016-4Velma is a 1 year-old German Shepherd mix. She weighed in at just 42 pounds today, but should probably be closer to 60+ pounds!!! We're treating her for intestinal parasites (among other things) and putting her on a special diet to help her gain weight as well. She is also heartworm positive.
ccf3-15-2016-6 ccf3-15-2016-8
ccf3-15-2016-9 ccf3-15-2016-7
A BIG thanks goes out to our Animal Cruelty Investigation Team for saving these two sweet dogs. Our team is made up of officers from Harris County Constable's Office Precinct 5 and HHS Staff. They work tirelessly to save animals each and every day. If you see animal cruelty, please speak up! You can file a report online 24/7 at http://www.houstonhumane.org/cruelty/report-cruelty or email deputy@houstonhumane.org or call 713-341-3396.

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