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Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Brody
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy Tail Brody

Bobby (now Brody) is super spoiled and is loving it!  We’ve chased a tennis ball, played Frisbee toss, have several new squeaky furry toys, treats, kennel, etc.  He’s gone on several walks and loves his new daddy, Mike.  We have decided to call him Brody and he seems to accept it.  So far he is nothing but happy, friendly, and loving.  He doesn’t like to get into the truck or get out of it so Mike has to lift him both ways.  He also does not want to walk up the stairs to the game room yet but there is plenty of time for that. 

I’ve changed his name on the PetWatch website and made an appointment with the Friendswood Animal Clinic for the checkup.  He is eating well, drinking lots of water, and enjoys his snacks.  We have already introduced him to PetsMart and to our neighbor’s dog so they can slowly become friends.  So, yesterday he had a busy day and it was his birthday!  He didn’t much like sleeping in the kennel even though he was in our bedroom and had a toy but I’m hoping he will get used to it.  He is a very smart dog and has learned so much very quickly!  The picture below and the video attached do not represent how active he is and how fast his tail moves so I’ll try to capture some of that too!  Thank you so much.


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