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Happy Tail Bunzs

I wanted to share her story.. We adopted bunzs back in July  formally known as London.  We changed her name to honey and some how we call her bunzs as in (honey bunzs) . I'm going to say I was nervous bc I had never adopted a cat before or even owned one in my adult lifetime and had just gotten a puppy in August and a kitten in December.  And wasn't sure how a 2 year old cat from a shelter would do with us . I am  so happy to say best decision made . She is the sweetest thing in our home . Even our raised from a baby cat can't compare . She loves, loves any type of toy she runs around playing with everything.  Her favorite person is my 14 year old daughter who talked me into getting her to begin with. Bunzs loves to talk in the morning . Following my daughter around.  She has taught us you don't always have to raise an animal from a baby . That a shelter pet can be just as amazing more so bc they know what was missing . This will be bunzs first Christmas in a home and she's already digging in the stockings. We absolutely love her . And could not imagine not having her with us. Thank you for posting her profile on Facebook thats how we found her . Keep up the good work .