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Happy Tail Mr Max and Mr Benji

HEY!! I hope all is well with you guys!! I just wanted to give you a little update on Mr Max and Mr Benji!  Max is doing amazing he still love to play with his brothers, cuddle and of course eat all the treats 😂 Benji has been loving going on daily walks around the neighborhood sometimes we even go twice a day and he loves to just run and smell all the things! Benji also loves his cuddles! And wanted to sit with us every time we are on the couch lol We did get another pup a Great Dane! Both Benji and Max have loved having him around they have been playing with him non stop since we got him all though he’s quickly out grown max and Benji!! Max’s Birthday is today! He’s 7 years old! We mad him a little peanut butter cake and OMG he loved it!!