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Happy Tail Ranger

Hello All!
Just wanted to update everyone on Ranger; a pup who was transferred to Austin, then Alexandria, Virginia due to Hurricane Harvey.
Ranger was adopted at 5 months old, by the guy I was dating, from the Alexandria Welfare League. We had one on one time with Ranger, in a special room, prior to making the adoption decision. When they brought him to us, that sweet boy came straight to me! We had an instant bond! My boyfriend liked him as well, and decided to adopted him. I would visit with Ranger every two weeks, as I live in a small town next to Clemson, SC. Because my boyfriend’s job was so demanding, he couldn’t give Ranger the attention he needed. As a result, Ranger endure the 8 hour car ride home, to be with my son (who is 14) and me.
Luckily for my son and Ranger, I’m no longer traveling to Virginia anymore.😊
When Ranger lives in Virginia, he had to be quiet and calm because he lived in a townhouse. That just wasn’t conducive with his personality! Ranger is a big talker!! He also likes to play “crazy dog”...you know, when they run around in circles for about a minute at 90 MPH?! He now lives in a house, with a fenced back yard. He is part Great Dane, mixed with a herding dog, and weighs 70 lbs. He’s happy; he makes us happy!!! Ranger rides with us every morning to take my son Forrest to school. He goes to soccer games, as my son plays for the high school and club.
Thank you so much, to the people who transferred my hairy baby to Alexandria, VA. so we could meet!! It’s been over 14 years since I’ve had a bond like this with a dog. He’s my boy, and I love him!! Just wanted to update your society, because I feel confident someone has been wondering what happened to handsome Ranger?!
Also,  wanted to let you know, Ranger is a Clemson fan!! I’m raising him right!!
Much thanks,
Eileen, Forrest and Ranger
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