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Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Ruby and Sweet Pea
Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Tail Ruby and Sweet Pea

 I just wanted to update you on my two adoptees from your organization in 2015. Ruby (Great Pyrenees) is my big girl Tomboy. She is about 90 lbs now and my protector for sure. I can't keep the crazy thing out of the pool even today. She and her sister another GP play and run in the yard but she is the one who rolls in mud and then comes to me for love. I have been wet in the winter more times than I care to remember but it is great to see them have so much fun. I adopted Sweet Pea just before Christmas. What a cutie, but you already know that, but what you don't know is she rules the pack here. Even at 8 lbs, the bigger dogs respect her. It is great fun to see the two big ones run and play with her and they are very careful with her. When they bark in the yard, she is right there in the middle of all those big feet doing the same.  She sleeps next to me and she does not want anyone else in the bed. When one of the GPs tries to get on the bed, Sweets is out of her bed and growling where they are getting on. She has no fear and it is crazy to see them back off. I love my pack and am so happy I was able to adopt these two wonderful kids.  I have two others but 1 is 18 and 1 if 15 so not too much action from them. I am just happy they are still with me although they require a lot of work just to keep them comfortable.  Again a big thank you for my lovely family.




Hope you can see the picture of Ruby and Sweet Pea attached. Ruby is very protective of her.


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