Informational Videos

Informational Videos to Help Care for Your Pet

It is important that you understand the signs of a possible illness or other condition that your pet may have. We have provided a variety of informational videos as a reference so that you can know just what to look for and how to care for your animal following his or her veterinary clinic visit with us. These videos discuss how to properly detect fleas, canine heartworms, and internal parasites, which can be life-threatening to your pet. Our certified veterinarians can properly care for your pet if you suspect that he or she is dealing with any of these. Our veterinary clinic in Houston, TX also offers informational videos for overall pet wellness and vaccines to prevent future illness. These informational videos are designed to provide information so that you can take better care of your furry friend. If you suspect that your pet has any of these conditions or you want to learn more about pet wellness and vaccines, stop by our veterinary clinic in Houston, TX as soon as possible for reliable care.

Click on the links below to view informational videos about taking care of your pet.

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