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Houston Humane Society Dakota's Happy Tail
To catch you up, Dakota (formally Marina I think) is turning 2 in August and I adopted her around Christmas 2013. She is my best friend! We do everything together. She loves hiking, swimming, going to the dog park, and playing with her 3 best friends a German Shepherd, a Great Pyrenees, and a kitten. She's very smart and has learned a lot of tricks including roll over, spin around, and high five. Enough bragging, I just want to say thank y'all so much for giving me my best friend! If you need more pictures, I have a million; it was hard to pick just one. If you ever get any updates about her brothers or sisters that were there, I'd love to hear about them! Thanks again, Mary and Dakota Reichert
Houston Humane Society Floppy Ears
Hello! My name is Floppy Ears and I am a 5 month old Terrier mix. Come by and see me today!
Houston Humane Society Lafayette
Hello, my name is Lafayette and I am a male domestic short hair mix. I am just over 1 year old and would love to meet you! Come by and visit with me today.
Houston Humane Society How Stella Got Her Groove Back
At the beginning of March, a sweet dog named Stella was brought to the Houston Humane Society with her brother Dexter. At the time, Stella was VERY pregnant. Within a number of days, the 20 pound terrier mix gave birth to 7 adorable puppies.
Houston Humane Society Meet Molly
I am a Grey and White female Domestic Shorthair mix available for adoption.
Houston Humane Society Meet She-Ra
I am a Black and Tan female Terrier mix available for adoption.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Paco
Bogart - the merle pom that was rescued with the 20 other small dogs that was adopted recently. He's doing great in his new home. Luis shaved him when he went to be neutered because the mats in his hair were so bad. He's going to be gorgeous when it fully grows back in.
Houston Humane Society Happy Tails Chloe
I adopted Chloe ( shelter name Cinnamon) from the Houston Humane Society on June 27, 2014. I had been looking at several shelters online trying to find what I hoped would be the perfect pet for our family. I came across Cinnamon and loved her profile. I sent Ms. Priscilla Lopez an email expressing my interest in adopting Cinnamon at around 12:30 AM because it took that long to decide she would be perfect and I know adopting a pet is a huge decision. Imagine my surprise when I received a very kind email from Ms. Lopez at about 6:30 in the morning letting me know that she was happy I was interested in adopting one of their dogs and making me aware of the procedures. That is dedication! I arrived at the Houston Humane Society when they opened with my paper work filled out and the location Chloe was in hoping to make their job slightly easier. I was greeted warmly and taken back to get her quickly. We were taken to a play area where I fell in love with our newest family member. When I said yes, I would take her she was microchipped and tattooed and we were on our way home. The entire staff was very kind and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great experience to adopt a pet at HHS. The people and the pets are great. Chloe is doing great and she is very smart. She loves to play fetch and runs like the wind. She snuggles on the sofa and chases the cat. A great addition to our family. We love her! Thank you!
Houston Humane Society Happy Tails Jax
I received your email and wanted to update you on our cat we adopted from Houston Humane Society in June of 2013. We kept the name Jax because it suited his spunky personality. Since then, he has brought so much fun and life to our home. During his first year, Jax did a fantastic job "helping" with the chores and making sure that mom and dad didn't work *too* hard (shown below) Thank you to your organization for bringing such an amazing cat into our lives!



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